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Solving the Rubik’s Cube of Corporate Reputation The 2023 Global Communication Report conducted by the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Center for Public Relations states, “Managing a new corporate reputation is like solving a Rubik’s Cube. Every move is connected to another. Changing the squares on one side of the…
Worldcom analyzed online coverage over a six-month period, to see which of seven diversity dimensions were receiving the most attention in 20 countries in Europe and Africa. The report highlights similarities and differences to the regional average based on what was identified in the coverage. The full report shows that…
Worldcom’s Digital Health Monitor shows pharma companies make little use of the power of local blogs Facebook is only being used to 10% of its potential The average number of apps more than double compared with 2020 NEW YORK (April 13, 2023) – The Worldcom Public Relations Group, the leading…
This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published by Dix & Eaton. View the original blog post:Should you use ChatGPT in your ’23 comms efforts? 3 ways I tested the tool that might help you.   This post wasn’t written by an AI content tool, but it…

Worldcom Confidence Index

The Worldcom Confidence Index – tracking the changing priorities of business leaders and their confidence in handling them 

Recent world events only underscore the importance of having access to current insights that provide both a global and local perspective to help organizations make informed, strategic decisions. That’s why we created the Worldcom Confidence Index (WCI). It is the only ‘living’ global business database that identifies the voices of over 100,000 CEOs and C Suite executives.

WCI tracks and measures which business issues these leaders are focusing on, and how these change from one month to the next. It also tracks how confidence in handling these issues increases or declines.

Each month, we provide fresh insight designed to enable organizations of all sizes to focus their communications on changing business priorities. By acting on the trends we uncover, we believe you will be able to inspire confidence and belief among your audiences that you are taking the right action.

Check out our live, interactive data tracker. It’s updated monthly. You will see which topics business leaders in your country, or region, think are the most important: 

View WCI Interactive Data Tracker

See our summary of the latest results from a global perspective: 

See WCI Results and Reports

Inspiring action that delivers lasting results and outcomes

We want to improve the world by helping our clients to inspire people to take actions that deliver lasting value to themselves, their organisations and society in general.

Every partner in our global partnership believes that inspiring direct action delivers immediate impact and lasting results and outcomes. And they believe that people take action when they feel confident that it will deliver the outcomes they want.

That’s why the communications strategies Worldcom partners create, focus on giving people the confidence they need to take the right action. It’s also why we work so hard in attracting qualified partners around the world who believe what we believe. And then drive continuous improvement through rigorous peer review as part of the Worldcom Management Standard.

So, if you want to inspire your audiences to take action that moves your organization forward – contact us today.

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Why Worldcom?

Global and local expertise

The Worldcom Public Relations Group® provides you access to the international creative capability of over 2000 communications professionals in 115 cities, in 49 countries on six continents.



Strength and depth

We have the scale and resources to meet client needs locally, internationally and globally.


Combined revenue

Local Knowledge

The local knowledge and connections in 115 cities, in 49 countries on six continents enables our partners to inspire direct action that delivers immediate impact and lasting results and outcomes for our clients.



Our Expertise

With the skills of over 2,000 communications professionals at your disposal, it should be no surprise that we deliver excellence across a range of communications and public relations disciplines, target audiences and industry sectors. See below for a snapshot of where and how we can add value to you and your organisation.

The Worldcom Way

Expert solutions to the (toughest) communications challenges

You can be confident our partners’ agencies will deliver what you need, quickly and with greater certainty, because they use the same approach embodied in the four qualities of the Worldcom Way:

Expertise – In depth understanding of communications challenges, that span many verticals and industries, enables Worldcom partners to solve difficult communications problems. Smart strategies deliver immediate impact that builds in momentum for lasting results and success.

Agility – Action-focused firms, with hands-on executive leadership, ensure clients get campaigns that remain dynamic and responsive to market and audience changes and needs. This means communications challenges can be addressed quickly and yield both immediate and lasting results.

Connectivity – Our partners’ connectivity with target audiences provides clients direct access to them. It is this direct connectivity that enables momentum to build and value to be developed and sustained

Action – Audiences are inspired to take action as a result of a comprehensive understanding of their behaviors, pains and needs.

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Find a partner

With the skills of over 2000 communications professionals at your disposal, it should be no surprise that we deliver excellence across a range of communications and public relations disciplines, target audiences and industry sectors. See below for a snapshot of where and how we can add value to you and your organisation.

Our International PR partner locations

Padilla TQPR (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd In.Fom KGBTexas Communications Houston

Confidence in best practice

The Worldcom Management Standard

The things that binds our global partnership together is the belief in our shared purpose. Each and every Worldcom partner’s commitment to that purpose means our partners can help clients anywhere in the world to inspire people to take actions that deliver lasting value to themselves, their organizations and society in general.

That commitment to delivering immediate impact and lasting value is underpinned by the Worldcom Management Standard (WMS). WMS is a rigorous peer review process that is based on the internationally recognized Consultancy Management Standard.

To remain in Worldcom all partners have to pass a regular assessment under the WMS. This ensures that not only have partners earned the confidence and support of their clients by delivering the outcomes agreed, but also have rigorous systems to ensure financial strength, operational effectiveness, creativity, innovation and the development of an inspiring workplace that attracts and retains the best talent.

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