Market Research

The best business decisions stem from comprehensive market intelligence. Worldcom’s marketing research competence drives data analysis so valuable insights can improve business strategies.

In today’s cut-throat business environment, making strategic decisions based on thorough market research, intelligence and analysis is the only way to stay ahead of the competition. Worldcom’s business research firms and experts are adept in the latest quantitative and qualitative research techniques required for sound decision making.

We provide B2B and B2C clients with up-to-date, accurate and reliable information to ensure strategic marketing success – including brand positioning, target market selection, customer segmentation, and marketing-mix management.

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Success Story

Driving sales through consumer insights for Deluxe Corp.

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, Deluxe Corp. needed to generate awareness for three of its small business units. In a short two week period, PadillaCRT developed and implemented a campaign based on insights from its consumer survey of holiday shopping trends. The results were astounding.

The Task

With the holiday shopping season just a jingle away, Deluxe Corp. needed to generate awareness for three of its small business units: OrangeSoda, a search engine optimization and marketing firm; PsPrint, an online customized print solutions provider; and Bags & Bows, a custom provider of personalized gifts and packaging. Deluxe turned to PadillaCRT for a sustained, multi-channel public relations campaign.

The Strategy

Nothing focuses strategy like a compressed timeline. In about two weeks, PadillaCRT developed and implemented an awareness campaign, working with Deluxe and Opinion Research Corporation (ORC) to create a consumer survey on a broad range of newsworthy holiday shopping trends. The omnibus survey revealed important market research insights for small business owners and consumers, and results were used to generate earned and social media placements across business and consumer channels.

The Result

The campaign generated a total of 5,453 stories across print, broadcast and online media, including a story on the cover of USA Today. The Tweet Chat amounted to 18.5 million impressions and the entire campaign generated a total of 1.7 billion impressions, significantly surpassing the goal of five million. PadillaCRT’s work for Deluxe was honored by the Public Relations Society of America with a prestigious Award of Excellence.

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