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Inspiring action for 70 years

In 1951 three independent public relations firms in Canada came together to serve national clients under the same banner. Three firms rapidly became eight, as the benefits to clients of strong local knowledge and direct connections to target communities became very appealing to national organizations. By 1959, dozens of agencies in other countries had joined the group to satisfy clients who wanted to receive the same business impact on an international basis.

Today, Worldcom partners deliver unrivaled impact and sustained value to clients in 49 countries around the world. We help clients in every field of business endeavor achieve valuable and valued business outcomes.

We can do that because every partner, and the 2,000 plus communications professionals, in our global partnership, believes that inspiring direct action delivers immediate impact and lasting results. And they believe that people act when they feel confident that it will deliver the outcomes they want. That’s why our partners’ communications strategies create a focus on giving people the confidence they need to take the right action.

In a world where competition thrives, having access to other agencies who are eager to share ideas and expertise to help our agency grow, move forward and provide the best council to our clients has proven invaluable. Partners not only serve as a sounding board and support system but have become lifelong friends making us all #WorldcomStrong.

Mary Correia-Moreno

Executive Vice President of Operations and Partner at Nuffer, Smith, Tucker

One of the biggest benefits we get from being part of this extraordinary global network is the opportunity to learn from other Partners. There is tremendous value in knowledge. Worldcom has allowed us at True to grow as professionals and industry leaders by becoming more educated in our field. As a Partner, we are given the proper tools and resources to create positive client experiences and excel in our projects.

Chris Baldwin

CEO and Founder at True Digital Communications

As you might imagine, Worldcom membership represents incredible opportunities to network and collaborate with a vetted global network of independent agencies around the globe. But it also means much more than that. It means experienced agencies just like Airfoil can rely on each other to extend client programs in markets around the world. It means access to Worldcom global reports, proprietary data, and industry surveys – deep-dive resources that can improve our work for every client but are nearly impossible for smaller agencies to explore on their own.

Keith Donovan

President at Airfoil Communications

Over our more than two decades in Worldcom, the partnership has always proven its value, but it has never been more valuable than now. No question goes unanswered, no issue we have faced has been insurmountable, and all situations that have arisen, often critical, have been solved in collaboration with our public relations partners.

Stefan Pollack

Confidence inspired by best practice - The Worldcom Management Standard

When you set out to deliver value whenever and wherever a client needs it, you need to be confident that your colleagues in another office and another country will be as committed to delivering value as you are. That’s why we work so hard to attract qualified partners worldwide who believe what we believe.  It’s also why our selection and vetting process leans so heavily on proof of value delivered to clients.

The rigor of selection also means that our combined capability is underpinned by having PR and communications experts in business sectors from technology to tourism, financial to pharmaceutical, and energy to retail. We also have experts in all the communications disciplines vital to business success, including brand building, crisis management, digital and social engagement, employee engagement, reputation management and transformational communications.   

Increasing value through the Worldcom Management Standard

When you’ve been around for 70 years, and you exist to deliver value and then sustain it, you need to have a process for driving best practice and continuous improvement.

That’s why we developed the Worldcom Management Standard (WMS). WMS is a rigorous peer-review process that is based on the internationally recognized Consultancy Management Standard.

To remain in Worldcom, all partners have to pass a regular assessment under the WMS. This ensures that  partners have earned the confidence and support of their clients by delivering the outcomes agreed and have rigorous systems to ensure financial strength, operational effectiveness, creativity, innovation, and the development of an inspiring workplace that attracts and retains the best talent. The WMS is central to the way that our partners learn, evolve, and innovate. We adopted peer- review to ensure that all partners stayed true to our purpose and ensure that we learn from each other. We use the key learnings identified in the review process to drive continuous improvement and innovation across the partnership.

It’s because we learn in this way that Worldcom partners are always at the forefront of communications innovation and practice. And it’s why our clients can be confident that our partners will unlock new ways to deliver value, no matter how the communications landscape changes.

Why Worldcom?

Global and local expertise

The Worldcom Public Relations Group® provides you access to the international creative capability of over 2000 communications professionals in 115 cities, in 49 countries on six continents.



Strength and depth

We have the scale and resources to meet client needs locally, internationally and globally.


Combined revenue

Local Knowledge

The local knowledge and connections in 115 cities, in 49 countries on six continents enables our partners to inspire direct action that delivers immediate impact and lasting results and outcomes for our clients.



Solving even the toughest communications challenges the Worldcom Way

Our partners work for every type of organization: from start-ups who are entering markets crowded with competitors, to global leaders who need to forge stronger emotional bonds with their customers and consumers; from tiny charities who need to generate the funds to deliver against their purpose, to huge government agencies that want citizens to behave in a new way.

Some of the communications engagements clients ask us to solve are incredibly challenging. But you can be confident our partners’ agencies will deliver what you need, quickly and with greater certainty because Worldcom partners use the same approach embodied in the four qualities of the Worldcom Way:

Expertise – In-depth understanding of communications challenges that span many verticals and industries, enables Worldcom partners to solve difficult communications problems. Smart strategies deliver immediate impact that builds in momentum for lasting results and success.

Agility Action-focused firms, with hands-on executive leadership, ensure clients get campaigns that remain dynamic and responsive to market and audience changes and needs. This means communications challenges can be addressed quickly and yield both immediate and lasting results.

Connectivity – Our partners’ connectivity with target audiences provides clients direct access to them. It is this direct connectivity that enables momentum to build and value to be developed and sustained.

ActionAudiences are inspired to take action due to a comprehensive understanding of their behaviors, pains, and needs.

If you want to build confidence in your organization so that your audiences take the action you need to succeed; please contact us today. You’ll find that doing things the Worldcom Way will deliver immediate impact and sustained value.

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