Brand Building

Every brand has its own identity – including name, tagline and logo. Worldcom defines your brand’s identity and strategy to resonate with your target audiences and build enhanced brand value.

In today’s cluttered media environment, engaging customers is becoming more challenging. As a result, organisations have to adopt a holistic approach to branding strategies focused on building stronger connections with their stakeholders.

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Digital and Social Communications

Worldcom maximizes the benefits of a smart digital communication strategy by crafting rich content and leveraging the latest online and social media platforms for optimum engagement.

In this highly digitised business environment, more companies are turning to social media and mobile channels to connect with tech-savvy audiences.

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Corporate Communications

With corporate communications experts around the globe, Worldcom helps clients build favorable reputations with results-oriented, diversified integrated-marketing campaigns.

Strong corporate branding requires tailor-made corporate communications campaigns that combine a variety of identity vehicles.

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Media Relations

Worldcom maximizes favorable coverage by developing strong media relationships with journalists and editors so your organisation's mission and key messages are presented in a clear, concise and consistent manner.

In today’s media environment, it is imperative for organisations to master compelling storytelling and distribute the content via traditional, online and hybrid channels.

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Crisis & Issues Management

Advance crisis planning clearly and concisely is critical for managing issues strategically before they become a crisis.

In today’s world where news is global with a click of a button, Worldcom has the expertise to navigate management of critical issues, communicate effectively with key stakeholders and manage media opportunities positively in times of a crisis.

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Consumer Communications

Worldcom offers extensive communications experience with consumer products and electronics, including defining and designing winning brand communication strategies, to build brand awareness and equity in this industry.

The consumer-products industry spans toiletries, cosmetics, luxury goods, consumer electronics, and other household goods. With steady growth from the rapidly developing economies, consumers are demanding access to both commodities and luxury items.

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B2B Communications

The business-to-business (B2B) landscape has been transformed in recent years by concurrent consolidation and diversification of service offerings.

The ability to adapt and change is a necessity for both clients and the PR firms that serve them. The rapid adoption of social media and SEO as communications tools has added an additional layer to the complex B2B marketing communication equation.

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Financial Communications

To help companies deal with today’s volatile capital market and safeguard shareholder value, Worldcom provides effective communications that reach out to stakeholders across the board.

From IPOs, mergers and acquisitions to company restructuring – Worldcom’s financial public relations agencies leverage deep industry know-how to develop compelling messages

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Public affairs

Worldcom provides clients – including elected officials, regulators, trade associations and NGOs – strategic insights to shape global policy, while navigating the intricacies of local constituents.

Worldcom’s political and public affairs agencies serve as trusted advisors to our clients – offering in-depth global-market intelligence and tailored public relations campaigns to position themselves competitively.

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Integrated Marketing Communications

With the complexity of today’s marketplace, Worldcom offers integrated marketing communications consulting focused on sales and marketing management and performance.

Worldcom’s integrated marketing communications agencies customize programs for clients to professionally develop and execute effective sales and marketing go-to-market strategies.

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Market Research

The best business decisions stem from comprehensive market intelligence. Worldcom’s marketing research competence drives data analysis so valuable insights can improve business strategies.

Worldcom ‘s business research firms and research analysts are adept in the latest quantitative and qualitative research techniques required for sound decision making.

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Creative Design

Worldcom’s graphics designers create persuasive images that help brands resonate visually.

From designing compelling logos to choosing the right visual communications to distinguish your brand, including advertisements, posters and billboards, websites and collateral.

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Event Management

Whether it is a new product launch, sales kick off, conference, AGM or even a reception, Worldcom adds zealous attention to detail and focused branding to your internal event planning resources.

Regardless of the event size and nature, seamless event management requires setting objectives, developing and managing a detailed project schedule and budget.

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Consumer Products & Electronics

We help brands cut through the noise of the ever more crowded worldwide marketplace of products and services. We do that in every consumer category, including: apparel, automotive, consumer electronics, cosmetics, food and beverage, health and lifestyle, household products, toys, and many others.

Consumer PR is more challenging, exciting and creative than ever before. Due to today’s one-to-one communication expectations, brands have to be smarter, more nimble and more engaging than ever. Worldcom Consumer helps clients rise to this challenge. We create strategies and solutions that capture attention, generate demand and retain relationships…

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Travel & Tourism

Worldcom partners have been putting travel and tourism destinations ‘on the map’ for over 50 years. Worldcom’s enticing campaigns woo travelers and their wallets to our clients’ advantage.

Exploring beautiful and exotic destinations across the planet is quickly becoming the world’s favorite leisure activity. Airlines, cruise ships, taxis, hotels, resorts, amusement parks, shopping malls and theaters alike are all vying for tourists and travelers to spend their money on goods and services along their journey. Worldcom makes our…

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