Tips for Creating Social Media Content That People Care About

Published on 30th June 2022

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This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published by Jacob Freedman of The Pollack Group: 3 Tips for Creating Social Media Content People Care About.

You’ve got your social media campaign ready. Posts are scheduled and proper tags and hashtags are loaded up. But wait… Social media managers know this too well, simply pressing ‘publish’ is no guarantee for success. 

For your content to succeed, your audience must care about it. Unless you’re an iconic brand like Apple or Nike, simply shouting “we’re amazing” from the rooftops is not an effective social media marketing strategy. Here are three easy tips to remember when creating social media content. 

3-Second Rule 

People’s attention spans are short – as short as this sentence. As a general rule, your marketing content has to grab someone’s attention in 3 seconds, if not sooner. Users will scroll down, exit out, and move on if it doesn’t capture attention at a glance. 

This doesn’t mean someone must read your entire caption, view your video, or even understand what your post is in only two seconds. But they must be interested enough to turn two seconds of attention into 20 seconds or 2 minutes. Social media gives people a massive ocean of content to change to with the flick of a finger, much different than television or more traditional forms of media. If you confuse people, you lose people. 

Elicit Emotion 

Have you ever had a bad day, but then saw a funny TikTok or a heartwarming Facebook post that slightly lifted your spirits? Social media is ultimately about people, which is why social media content that gets people to feel emotions tends to see higher engagement and performance. 

How can you do this?  

Find out by checking out the full blog post  3 Tips For Creating Social Media Content That People Care AboutYou can also find other partner insights on social media on our blog.

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