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Published on 19th March 2020

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Employees are the topic of conversation for leaders around the globe. From upskilling and reskilling, to recruitment and retention and much more, the topic is becoming more prevalent and important to industry leaders.

Unfortunately, the majority of this discussion is about the concerns around employee relations and employee engagement.

The Worldcom Confidence Index – Global Report found that more than 1,500 business leaders are unsure about a multitude of employee-based issues. Clearly, this is a pressing challenge facing leaders in the new decade.

Developing an internal brand designed to keep employees engaged can address these issues. However, doing so is a process that takes years to establish and constant work to maintain. There are many ways to do so and all efforts add to the holistic experience of employees.

It is critical that leaders work to move their company and its brand toward this all-inclusive and motivational work-culture. Phillips Group outlines five tips to help improve employee relations:

  • Values should be communicated effectively

Building trust through two-way communication channels is essential to create engaged employees. Higher-level associates and C-suite members must work to ensure employees feel valued and heard.

  • Business goals and employee values should be aligned

When employees share similar goals and values as the organization they work for, they are more engaged.

  • Feedback is critical – always follow up

There is a need for organizations to understand the way the employees feel. Unfortunately, many fail to do so because they are stuck in what they think the employees are feeling. Establishing a way to get feedback should be a priority. But more importantly, acting on the feedback to make change is imperative.

  • Pinpoint gaps and improve those areas

Take time to analyze the business and identify gaps. Once those gaps are found, ensure that efforts are made to fill them.

  • Make it matter, show employee impact when reporting

Benchmarks and reports can be explained in ways to employees that show the relevance of the work they are doing for the company. By framing their work as part of the collective effort, a sense of responsibility and involvement can be fostered.

Changing the brand takes time, but great work starts with great employee relationships. Working to foster a workplace that values employee engagement will directly impact the organization as a whole.

Get more insights from Phillips Group on employee relations. You can also find more insights from partners about management strategies.

Phillips Group is an agency that focuses on energy and resources, corporate, public sector and stakeholder engagement. Located in Brisbane, Queensland, this Worldcom Partner is based in Australia and focuses on digital marketing, public relations, creatives and communication.

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