4 Ways to Foster Employee Engagement

Published on 14th May 2018

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Companies with higher employee engagement rates have 30% more success in their business opportunities, which is why leaders from across the globe have deemed 2018 the “Year of the Employee.”  When employees feel valued by their leaders, they are more committed to the company’s results, inspired, confident and motivated.

Worldcom partner PLANIN of Brazil argues that it is vital for leadership to stay involved, encourage growth, and foster a positive corporate environment to improve employee engagement. In their recent blog post, they provide leaders with four suggestions for improving communication with employees in the workplace:

Set Clear and Achievable Goals

Employees are most productive and engaged when they are able to see the results of their efforts. Unattainable or unclear goals and objectives create a sense of inefficiency, which can actually demotivate employees. While setting high standards for employees can certainly motivate employees to improve their performance, employees can quickly become frustrating if their hard work is consistently missing the mark.

To address this issue, make goals attainable for employees and consistently communicate the importance of these goals. When leaders clearly explain the value of achieving the company’s goals, employees will understand why they are doing their work. Emphasize the importance of each individual’s responsibilities and activities in the process so they can see how their role adds value to the company.

Be Open to Dialogue

Leaders have a very clear vision of their goals for the company and how they want to achieve those goals. However, being receptive to new opinion, suggestions and ideas from employees is crucial for fostering productivity.

In fact, sourcing ideas and suggestions from employees helps them feel valued. The key is to not only listen to employees, but to actually implement their ideas. This will demonstrate the value of employee contributions and create a sense of belonging within the company. Plus, you will likely gain some insightful ideas that were previously not considered.

If you are interested in learning two additional tips to improve employee engagement, read the employee engagement blog post from our partners at PLANIN.


With more than 20 years of experience, PLANIN is one of the main Corporate Communication agencies in Brazil. Initially, PLANIN offered only Press Office services, but has diversified its expertise to integrated communication services, including Strategic Communication Consulting, Communication with journalists and opinion formers, Internal and Stakeholder Communication, Digital Communication and Social Media, Corporate and Personal Reputation Management, Investor Relations, Communication for Crisis Situations, Brand Creation and Positioning, Events and Corporate Videos, and Image and Market Research. PLANIN stands out for adopting international methodology and incorporating into its work the world’s best communications practices.

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