[eBook] The Future of Communications: It’s Time For a Disruptive Communications Approach

Published on 29th February 2024

2023 did nothing to slow the pace of change in almost every sector of business endeavour. And it seems likely that this will accelerate in 2024. So, in the fourth post in our 2024 predictions and advice series, we asked sector experts among our Worldcom Public Relations Group’s Global Partners to look at how sectors from non-profit to construction and membership organizations will need to adapt their communications approach. And how brands will need to adapt their approach to celebrity and trade shows.

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We’ve captured their thoughts in a seven-post series that covers everything from AI to sustainability. We’ve also included posts on two very important regions, Latin America and Malaysia and Indonesia.

We hope you find the advice helpful as you navigate your way through the challenges and opportunities that 2024 will bring.

Part 4 – It’s Time For a Disruptive Communications Approach

Strategic partnerships

By Ramsey Carey, Vice President, Nonprofit, Business, Government, Public Communications Inc., Chicago, USA

Nonprofit leaders will be more proactive about forging strategic partnerships with other nonprofits, corporations and government entities. Considering resource constraints, fluctuating donation patterns, increased need for services, and rising operational costs amid constrained internal capacities, numerous nonprofits find themselves navigating a complex landscape in which to thrive.

Nonprofit leaders should proactively seek collaborations that will help optimize their operations, especially with the increasing need for critical services for challenges such as food and clothing insecurities and housing need. This approach proved successful for several Chicago nonprofits that provide resources to the unhoused community, an effort supported by the city and state. Their partnership enables them to widen their reach to serve more people in need while removing the onus from a single organization to shoulder the labor and expense costs. Nonprofit leaders are resilient and creative, and using a strategy to form innovative partnerships will serve them.


Professional associations will think younger to combat decline in membership

By Wendi Koziol, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Public Communications Inc., Chicago, USA

Declining membership in professional organizations is a reality for many association leaders. To attract new members and stay relevant, professional associations must use digital and social media, as well as video content, to communicate with both current and prospective members. Providing educational opportunities is crucial, as professionals want to stay up to date with industry trends.

Young professionals, in particular, value networking opportunities to help build relationships and advance their careers. Offering both in-person and virtual networking events can be beneficial. Prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives and social responsibility that align with the organization’s values will also resonate with members. By adapting to the interests and values of younger generations, professional associations can ensure their continued relevance and attract a diverse and dynamic membership base.



Keeping your finger on the audience pulse will be more important than ever

By Celia Díaz, COO – Growth, LF Channel, Barcelona, Spain

Public relations agencies will strengthen their position as “360º Strategic Advisors”. From their work as a radar that picks up the pulse of audiences or new trends that are newsworthy, communication professionals will actively participate in the promotion of coherent strategies aligned with long-term objectives.


Negotiate a smart statement of work to maximize your return on celebrity partnerships

By Jackie Liu, Senior Vice President, The Pollack Group, Los Angeles, USA

The days of throwing money blindly at celebrities and social media influencers are long gone. We know it, and they do too. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have PR/marcomm teams in the room when drawing up contractual agreements for keynote speakers, endorsements, appearances, and content creation. The lawyers don’t care if a social media post disappears after 24 hours, but we do because it’s important for brand ROI. We’ve all dealt with stubborn individuals who refuse to cooperate with media opportunities, so make sure to negotiate a “scope of work” for talent to abide by so you maximize PR and a brand’s resources.


The 2024 Building Tradeshow Comeback

By Tony Fanizzi, Creative Content Lead, True Digital Communications, Cleveland, USA

Building industry tradeshows took a big hit during the pandemic despite the resurgence of remodelling projects from consumers at home. 2023 saw a dramatic increase in attendance at events like the International Builder Show where manufacturers dusted off displays for crowds who were hungry for more. 2024 is the year when companies need to come back with new displays to showcase their products and create a fresh and engaging experience. Booths that leverage “infotainment” will help visitors learn while having fun. And generating excitement with influencers in the building industry provides a level of credibility that appeals to pros and homeowners alike.


Redefining Success in Public Relations

By Joel Marquez, Consumer Communications Leader, LF Channel, Barcelona, Spain

Results measurement will evolve “Beyond Traditional Metrics”. Brands will explore metrics that go beyond the usual numbers that summarize the impacts achieved by PR agencies, prioritizing quality of interaction, audience perception and reputational impact. This valuable data will support strategic decisions.


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