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Public Communications Inc. (PCI), Chicago

One East Wacker Drive, 24th Floor, Chicago, Illinois, 60601, United States

Insights and News From This Partner

15 Dec 2021

The Power of Patient Storytelling

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published…

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20 Sep 2021

We’re All Human: The Importance of Creating a Relatable Brand

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published…

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Tips for Webinar Planning

20 Apr 2020

How to Successfully Plan, Promote, and Prepare Your Next Webinar

While the world practices social distancing, the need to connect with existing…

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pitching healthcare reporters

01 Sep 2019

Pitching to Healthcare Reporters? Stand Out with These 5 Tips

Healthcare reporters don’t always believe PR folks when we say we have…

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25 Oct 2017

How to Have the Perfect Office Party

Office parties have been ingrained into work culture for as long as…

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28 Jun 2017

"Going Viral" with Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases (ID) are known as one of the leading causes of…

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23 May 2017

Social Media Crises - What You Need to Prepare

Social media crises can happen anytime, anywhere so it is critically important…

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