Cybersecurity Trending: Issues Top-of-Mind for Leaders

Published on 5th March 2020

In a world that continues to become more and more digital, it is hard to imagine what threats exist to the data of companies and organizations you represent.

Big data and cybersecurity has become a pressing topic, leading many businesses to discuss the need for stronger and more secure business practices. In fact, the Worldcom Confidence Index Global Report found that data and privacy ranked #1 and cybercrime ranked #7 on the list of top concerns of business leaders.

Some companies and individuals have fallen victim to cybercrime and online attacks, leaving costly crises for their teams to manage. But, continuing to learn more about this topic and engage in conversations will aid in ensuring safe and stronger data practices.

Raffetto Herman Strategic Communications shares 4 key insights on cybersecurity:

1) Security and Privacy are Codependent

There is a need to include security in discussions surrounding privacy issues. Both are hot topics when it comes to big data and are undeniably interrelated.

2) Training on Technology is Necessary

As the digital world grows, new tools and software are being developed to ensure cybersecurity. But, there is a need to train staff to use the software to ensure it works properly. Specifically, organizations should focus on training personnel to operate these tools.

3)Information Sharing is Power

There is a fear of information sharing and understanding the parameters of data sharing. With that said, machines are now able to process information at machine speed and allow actions to be made on information at faster rates.

4) Cybersecurity Needs more Practitioners

The role of cybersecurity has changed drastically over the last few years. There are new cyber attacks that are harder to understand, increasing the need for more people with the skills to combat these issues.

With these tips in mind, the leaders can confidently navigate the world of big data and cybersecurity. Get more insights from Raffetto Herman Strategic Communications on key insights involving cybersecurity.

You can also find more insights from partners about technology and cybersecurity.

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