UK Report

The 2019 Worldcom Confidence Index is an invaluable benchmark for the confidence levels of business leaders.  In our second annual Confidence Index, we commissioned Advanced Symbolics Inc. (ASI), a research company that uses artificial intelligence (AI), to create a fully representative understanding of what audiences are saying. We captured and analysed the online contributions, in nine languages, of 58,374 CEOs and CMOs globally. This enabled us to identify which topics are highest on the leadership agenda, and how confident or concerned leaders are about the topic.

Since we published our first Confidence Index, world events such as: the US/China trade war, Brexit, Amazon forest fires, the Hong Kong crisis, the increasing pace of global warming and the resurgence of diseases such as Measles, have continued to create a more uncertain world. Our second Confidence Index shows exactly how confident or concerned business leaders are about dealing with these challenges.

This year’s findings have uncovered a 21% decline in confidence globally since 2018.

The top seven findings for the UK are:

#1 UK’s confidence is second highest globally after Japan

#2 Influencers become top audience for leader attention but leaders are concerned about reaching them 

#3 Employee-related topics dominate leaders’ agenda

  • Employee-related topics take six out of top eight topics
  • Upskilling and reskilling the most discussed topic but has the lowest CI score
  • Employees have the lowest CI score of all audiences

#4 Leaders have moderate confidence about their corporate image and brand reputation. But confidence in dealing with a crisis is high 

#5 The media matters but UK leaders are concerned about its impact

#6 UK leads on confidence scores for 11 out of the 23 topics – top three are technology related

#7 UK is most concerned when it comes to talent retention and upskilling and reskilling 

The Global report for the Worldcom Confidence Index 2019 can be seen here. You can view the full UK report here or see the deck below. To have the best viewing experience please use full screen mode.