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Turning a PR Prank into a powerful brand asset for SodaStream

The Pollack Group

One of the most memorable and cited “April Fools” brand pranks this year was SodaStream’s ‘NanoDrop’ – the “faux” product created in partnership with Paris Hilton.

The prank was launched by Los Angeles-based Worldcom Partner, The Pollack PR Marketing Group (PPMG) together with Tel-Aviv based Worldcom Partner, Now-You Global Communications, in support of its client SodaStream USA and in coordination with SodaStream HQ’s creative team in Israel.

The purpose of the “April Fools” campaign was to use disruptive marketing video to continue to reposition SodaStream as a sparkling water company, rather than a cola maker. The video achieved a wide audience reach and drove traffic to the company’s website. The PR campaign resulted in millions of media impressions as well as millions in estimated ad value. It also communicated important brand and corporate social responsibility messages.

To learn how PPMG and Now-You Global Communications brought this campaign to life, read the SodaStream NanoDrop case summary.

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The Pollack PR Marketing Group

The Pollack PR Marketing Group has been active for more than 30 years, and boasts two offices in Los Angeles and New York. Headed by Noemi & Stefan Pollack, the agency cuts through the clutter, using a no-nonsense approach to stay real and deliver creative ideas that drive growth, unlock opportunities and engage audiences to build strong brands.

Now You Global Communications

Now You Global Communications is a boutique, award-winning, l marketing & PR agency located in Tel-Aviv.. The group, led by Maayan Nave, creates unique disruptive global PR marketing campaigns and manages PR activity for global brands. Currently, the team is leading SodaStream’s international PR activity in 45 markets around the globe.


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