2024 Digital Health Monitor for the Pharma Sector

Following the positive response to its 2018, 2020 and 2023 Health Monitor, The Worldcom PR Group, has updated all of the data. For this report, Worldcom Healthcare selected 25 pharmaceutical companies based on their global reputation, their size and geographic presence. The analysis included each company’s online presence globally and in 27 countries, across 11 digital channels for the period between 2023-2024.

The report shows that the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies have not leveraged localized content and have allowed social media channels to dry up except for Instagram.
For these companies, the potential influence on content and communications priorities was highly influenced by where it was headquartered. Most of these top global brands generate content and messaging that is focused on the cultural perspective of their home country. By not creating content with a global and localized perspective, pharmaceutical companies are missing an opportunity to educate and protect their brand in all the countries they are active in.

The Digital Health Monitor Report ranks each company in terms of their presence on, and the use of, apps, blogs, corporate and local company websites, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, X, and YouTube. It also reviews the use of these channels by country.

Download the 2024 Digital Health Monitor for the Pharma Sector: