What Is A Converting Landing Page?

Published on 22nd January 2021

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Landing pages are meant to provide consolidated experiences with fewer navigation options and a direct call to action or purpose. These tools are used as a highly targeted approach that is usually paired with a highly targeted digital advertising campaign.

Landing pages can also be referred to as “lead capture pages” or “static pages.” Those who like a more artistic approach will refer to them as landing pages due to the page’s design to land a desired customer or action on the page. Usually promoted through Google Ads and similar services, landing pages are found organically through keywords and high-ranking search results. In short, they are essentially a micro-site within the organization’s larger website with the sole purpose of increasing conversions. 

Formats for landing pages are often straightforward with action-oriented headlines. A high-performing landing page explains the offering clearly and concisely and also includes calls to action at both the top and bottom of the page. The page solely focuses on getting one message across — focusing on a promotion, product, sale, etcd. It pushes that message to the foreground for higher conversion and allows the web designer and digital marketer to isolate and track the messaging success. 

For a successful landing page, be sure to include: 

  1. An outstanding headline 
  2. Persuasive subheads
  3. Pictures
  4. An explanation 
  5. Something about pain
  6. Something about pleasure 
  7. Methods of contact
  8. A guarantee
  9. A powerful call to action

Now that we know what landing pages are and how they work, it’s time to dissect what a conversion is. A conversion simply refers to how well your landing page is performing. Whether you have one landing page or dozens, you have to calculate the page conversion rate for each to know how they’re doing. This will let you know the percentage of time visitors are converting on what you’re offering. 

To learn more about how to create high converting landing pages, check out the full blog post by The Pollack Group. 

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