Keeping Up with Healthcare Marketing Trends

Published on 4th November 2019

Healthcare is top-of-mind for millions across the globe. But citizens and professionals within the industry aren’t the only entities invested in keeping up with the latest healthcare trends and changes.

In fact, tech companies are becoming increasingly invested in health-focused initiatives. For example, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) recently held a conference on AI, life sciences, wearables and anti-aging strategies. Apple is also entering the space, making investments in prescriptions, medical supplies and employer health.

Consumer technology companies are the most obvious competitor to the healthcare industry as it stands today, but tomorrow’s landscape is still foggy for many.

Standing Partnership is keeping an eye on healthcare trends and offers a breakdown of some of the key themes shaping the industry:

Digital is the Link

In the current landscape, it is less about the sector and more about the interests and organizations within the ecosystem. Firms that apply artificial intelligence for patient services are some of the latest players to enter the space. Also, telehealth providers that use apps to target niche markets.

Digital technology is what links these new players in the field to the traditional ecosystem. With digital advances, the boundaries that once defined healthcare are quickly expanding. What does this mean for organizations? It means traditional players in the space must be open to new possibilities when seeking non-traditional partnerships and opportunities, and also a clear vision of how much to invest in these possibilities.

New Competitors, New Rules

With a new ecosystem in place, how your competition positions themselves against your brand will inevitably change. Because of this, the ability for your team to be agile and nimble is the key to staying on top.

To do this, your brand may need to adopt channels or audiences that were not previously considered. Get comfortable with pilots and experiments ­– these will help you understand which marketing tactics have the greatest impact. And, data will need to be included. If your brand is not prepared to begin incorporating data into your marketing strategy, find a partner who can.

There or more healthcare industry trends to consider. Get the full rundown from Standing Partnership.

Download the Worldcom Digital Health Monitor for insights on the ways pharmaceutical companies are utilizing social media.

Standing Partnership is a marketing and corporate communications consulting firm located in St. Louis that excels at strategy and execution. Since 1991, their consultants have worked with business leaders in agriculture, healthcare, professional services, manufacturing and other major industries to accelerate growth by tying marketing to the bottom line. Through messaging, brand identity, executive communications, stakeholder engagement, corporate social responsibility reporting, and crisis preparedness, Standing Partnership helps organizations gain market and societal acceptance.

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