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Standing Partnership

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Insights and News From This Partner

01 Apr 2023

Eight Worldcom Partners Ranked As Top 2023 PR Firms by O'Dwyer's PR

The O’Dwyer’s ranking lists Independent PR firms with major U.S. operations ranked…

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16 Mar 2023

Two Worldcom Partners Named As Finalists In The 2023 Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces Awards

Congratulations to our two Worldcom partners who were announced as finalists in…

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13 Jan 2023

Melissa Lackey named a St. Louis Titan 100

Melissa Lackey, Standing Partnership President and CEO, and our partner in Missouri, U.S., has…

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13 Sep 2021

Navigating the Alphabet Soup of Choosing a Sustainability Framework

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published…

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26 May 2021

The Different Types of Sales and Marketing Relationships

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post authored…

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Website Redesign Tips

28 Apr 2020

4 Tips for Navigating a Website Redesign

Is your website due for a refresh? A complete overhaul? Many brands…

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healthcare trends

04 Nov 2019

Keeping Up with Healthcare Marketing Trends

Healthcare is top-of-mind for millions across the globe. But citizens and professionals…

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Stakeholders vs audiences

17 Sep 2019

How to Differentiate Stakeholders vs Audiences

Who are the people that matter the most to your organization? Some…

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Case Study on Organization Success

26 Jan 2019

Case Study: Setting a Marketing Team – and Organization – Up for Success

When a national health and retirement benefits organization saw a decline in…

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