Hire for Talent, Not Fit

Published on 11th April 2018

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According to the Worldcom Confidence Index report, 43% more leaders are making employees their primary audience in 2018. What’s causing this profound shift? Numerous employers across the globe are having a difficult time retaining talented employees.

A common strategy many employers follow is to hire candidates who seem “like us” or who “fit our culture.” However, this philosophy does not necessarily ensure that employees will stay with the organization – or that they are the most talented option. While it is essential that all employees have a shared commitment to certain core values, hiring candidates based on this strategy may actually cause issues for the company in the long run.

Worldcom partner Corporate Ink, explains several beneficial outcomes to hiring for talent over fit:

1) Fostering Disagreement in Meetings

Not quite sure how this is a benefit to your company? While disagreement can create tension in the moment, it oftentimes leads to better ideas. Without a diverse range of input and perspectives, brainstorming can easily fall into cycles of groupthink.

2) Facilitating Growth in Employees

Learning to productively communicate with others, even when their opinions may clash with our own, ultimately strengthens employees’ ability to work together. Exposure to alternative opinions forces us to think differently, eventually pushing employees towards growth.

3) Improving Market Reach

We know that our clients’ markets are diverse and oftentimes very different from our own cultures.  When a company hires employees with diverse backgrounds and experiences, new perspectives can be considered that may be helpful to improving our reach to client markets.  

If you’re still not sure that hiring for talent instead of fit is the best strategy for your agency, read about the experiences that led Corporate ink to adopt this philosophy.


Corporate Ink is an integrated B2B, PR and content marketing agency located in Boston. Their team of professionals work with clients to build brands, generate demand and we accelerate growth. With clients in industries including supply chain management, industrial and manufacturing, healthcare, marketing and travel technology, Corporate Ink has over 25 years of trusted expertise.

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