Five Key Takeaways from the 2022 Global Communications Report

Published on 5th May 2022

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Onva Team

Every year, professional communicators look forward to the USC Global Communication Report for its in-depth examination and research of trends that shape the profession and impact those who work in it. This year’s report reviews and examines challenges and opportunities facing socially conscious communicators exploring the risks and rewards of corporate activism.

It puts a spotlight on polarization, which has vastly increased due to political upheavals, global conflicts, and an extended global pandemic. It has also been a result of an increasingly biased media. Polarization now seems to have more permanency within our society.

The report also focuses on societal discord, a significant risk factor for global business. As a result, CEOs now recognize that they are responsible for engaging with controversial topics outside of their normal comfort zones and with bold responses.

Stefan Pollack, president of Los Angeles Partner The Pollack Group, summarized the Five Key Trends from the Report.

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