Exploring Today’s PR and Marketing Trends: Highlights from imPRessions Podcast Season One

Published on 3rd May 2024

Co-hosted by  Jennifer Lewis and Kalli Vetrano, imPRessions is kicking off Season 2 of The Pollack Group’s dynamic podcast aimed at challenging perspectives and igniting action. With a keen focus on PR and marketing, it’s a valuable resource for industry veterans, students, and everyone in between.

In season one, listeners journeyed through a diverse range of topics, featuring insightful interviews with industry experts and thought leaders. Here’s a recap, focusing on five standout episodes:

1. Now and Then: How the PR Agency Model Has Changed in Recent Decades

The world of PR is in a constant state of flux, continually evolving from its early days of faxing press releases to embracing the advancements of social media and artificial intelligence. In this episode, Jenn and Kalli engage in a discussion with Fred Cook, the director of the USC Center for Public Relations at the University of Southern California. Together, they explore the latest trends in PR, shed light on what PR agencies should keep in mind, and offer insights into the future of this dynamic industry.

2. Keeping up with the Social Media Joneses: TikTok, Meta, and More

Reminisce about the golden days of social media, when Facebook was more about connecting than conspiracy theories, and Twitter was a haven for news rather than noise. This episode takes a journey through the evolution of social platforms. Cynthia Dew, TikTok Communications Manager, shares her expertise on what drives content to go viral and offers predictions for the industry’s future.

3. COVID-19, The War in Ukraine: How PR Changes the Way We Experience Disaster

In recent years, the world has endured numerous hardships, from a global pandemic to a turbulent US election. Amidst personal challenges, none have been more profoundly affected than the people of Ukraine. On February 24, 2022, their lives were forever altered by a full-scale invasion, plunging them into a devastating war. Yet, amidst this turmoil, the work of PR and marketing professionals persists. This episode welcomes Mariia Bohatikova and Nataliia Kholod from Warto Communications, a PR and marketing agency based in Ukraine. In this poignant conversation, they illuminate how PR shapes our experience of adversity.

4. Driving Destination Awareness in a Post-Pandemic World

With tourism on the rise as eager travelers make up for lost pandemic time, experts in travel and hospitality marketing strive to guide vacationers towards wise choices. Episode 15 of imPRessions features Vito Zuppardo, Vice President at Miles Partnership, a marketing agency focusing on tourism and hospitality. Hailing from Louisiana, Zuppardo represents the Louisiana Office of Tourism, promoting the Bayou state. In today’s conversation, he delves into strategies for driving destination awareness in a post-pandemic world.

5. How to Market Inventive, Breakthrough Technology to Skeptical Consumers

In a landscape inundated with state-of-the-art gadgets, many consumers remain cautious about embracing change. How can marketers overcome the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mindset and highlight the potential of groundbreaking technology? This episode delves into marketing tactics aimed at captivating even the most skeptical individuals. Taylor Robinson, Director of Communications at Oura, the smart ring captivating health-conscious consumers across the US, joined us to discuss.
As we launch season two, we’re excited to explore the realms of PR and marketing even further, with a diverse lineup of guests ready to delve into engaging discussions.


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