2021 PR & Leadership/Strategy Predictions from Worldcom Experts – Part 3

Published on 7th January 2021

With the uncertainty that 2020 has created, starting 2021 with more confidence and purpose is more important than ever. That’s why we asked our Worldcom Public Relations Group Partners once again to draw on the expertise of its 2000+ communications professionals to predict the environment that will face all organizations in the year ahead. This year we have split our predictions into four topic areas:

  1. Part 1: 2021 PR and Content Marketing Predictions
  2. Part 2: 2021 PR and Internal Comms/Employee Wellbeing Predictions
  3. Part 3: 2021 PR and Leadership/Strategy Predictions  (Post Below)
  4. Part 4: 2021 PR and Sector Trends Predictions

Inevitably, as a global partnership, many of these predictions have an international flavor. If you want to get a picture of what the communications landscape may look like in your own country, we have teams in 115 cities, in 49 countries on six continents, ready to talk to you.

Part 3: 2021 PR and Leadership/Strategy Predictions

In the third part of a four-part series, our consultants take a look at trends in Leadership and Strategy. They predict the increasing importance of companies having a climate action plan, how the role of corporate responsibility and CSR communication will strengthen, why many companies will ’empty the closet’ and reset their strategies for 2021, and why brands and companies must find ways to be relevant to their stakeholders and consumers by creating meaningful interactions and solutions to what they need.

Thank you to our Worldcom Partners from Casacom Montreal, Medita Communication, PadillaHBI PR & MarcomThe Pollack Group, Made In PR, JBP Associates and PLANIN for sharing their 2021 Predictions.

We hope these predictions and insights will help increase the certainty of your success in 2021.

Download 2021 PR and and Leadership/Strategy Predictions – Part 3


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