What We Can Glean from Today’s Social Media Memes

Published on 22nd May 2024

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Meme culture has exploded in popularity over the years, and it’s now become a great way for brands to engage with their target audiences. The trick is that using memes takes a very measured approach. Using out of date content can even hurt the reputation of your brand. Every meme needs to be customized for your audience to fit their needs. Let’s dive into some of the best practices for using memes in your marketing strategy.

Understand Who Your Audience Is

Even though memes are the most popular with younger generations, they can be used to connect with every age group. When you’re marketing with memes, it’s important to be precise. One of the first areas to identify is which social media platforms your target audience engages with. For example, Baby Boomers are more likely to use Facebook, while more Millennials are on Instagram.

You’ll need to create your meme to follow what’s popular and within best practices on each specific platform. Using a blanket approach won’t get you very far and could even make your brand come across as less authentic.

Find Your Frequency and Timing

If you posted a successful meme, it isn’t a sign to post one every day. Memes are funny and engaging, but it’s crucial to follow the right timing. Most memes find success by capitalizing on a particular trend happening on the platform. The window for any given trend is getting shorter and remind yourself that every meme will become obsolete with time. Your brand needs to create fresh meme content without being heavy-handed.

Look Out for Successes and Learn from Them

You can look at brands that are winning with meme marketing and think about how to apply to your own marketing efforts. For example, Netflix has its own meme page on Instagram to help promote the wide variety of comedic content on the platform. This evolved into the Netflix is a Joke comedy festival that happens each year.

Make Each Meme Your Own

Whenever your brand posts a meme, it needs to have a unique style and tone. Meme content needs to be authentic and almost feel like an inside joke for people who follow and/or engage with your brand.

To learn more about the best practices for leveraging memes in your brand’s marketing strategy, be sure to read the full story: What We Can Glean from Today’s Memes.

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