Worldcom’s Confidence Index for May 2020 highlights different CEO reactions to the COVID-19 crisis

Published on 26th June 2020

  • Confidence levels declined for all 15 countries in the May study
  • China, Italy and Brazil see biggest falls in CEO confidence as effects of COVID-19 begin to bite
  • Confidence In Latin America Plummets – Down 21 percent since April – North America Now most Confident Region
  • Leaders Continue To Have Lowest Confidence In Handling Government And Legislative Change – down a further 17 Percent since April
  • People-related topics took five of the top seven places in the topic list and see significant rise in leader engagement but decline in confidence
  • Global Views Of 54,000 C-Suite Executives Show Significant Shifts Since April

Worldcom’s Confidence Index (WCI) results for May 2020 highlighted significantly different reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic by leaders around the world. China saw the biggest fall in confidence – down 21% since April. This was almost matched by Italy (down 20%) and Brazil (down 19%). The U.S. topped the WCI but also saw confidence fall by seven percent. The U.K. was a close second with India third – the only three countries to have an above global average score. From a regional perspective, confidence in Latin America fell the most – down 21 percent since April. North America is now the most confident region.

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The Worldcom’s Confidence Index is a living survey using Artificial Intelligence to monitor topics and sentiments from over 54,000 CEOs and CMOs around the world, across 23 topics and six audiences on a monthly basis, to provide actionable insight as the pandemic recovery evolves. Each month we capture the top ten insights, changes, trends so that you can stay abreast of what’s top of CEO/CMO’s agendas. We hope you find them useful in navigating the current challenges.

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