Why Trade Publications Matter

Published on 30th November 2023

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This insights post is a summary of the original blog post published by Dan Ahern of The Pollack Group. Click here to view the original, full-length blog post.   

Trade publications play a huge role in the day-to-day of media relations and can be incremental for the success of your public relations efforts. In this insights posts, our partners at The Pollack Group share the importance of trade media.

Impressions Are Not Everything

When securing media coverage, there’s always a push and pull between reaching as many eyeballs as possible and ensuring that the eyeballs you do reach are the right ones. A feature story in The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times is undeniably appealing. But only some products or stories fit such a broad platform and audience.

Enter industry trade publications.

The beauty of trade media lies in its specificity. While they might not boast the millions of readers that major outlets do, they cater to an engaged niche and industry-specific readership. It’s here that impressions, while numerically fewer, can hold more weight. Furthermore, many trade reporters are active on X (formerly Twitter) and boast followers who follow them for consistent industry updates.

For a real-life example, head over to the full blog post to see how The Pollack Group worked with electric vehicle brand INDI EV.

How Trade Publications Help Other Journalists

Before a top-tier outlet leaps with your story, the editors conduct their due diligence. They look back, tracing the steps of your brand’s media footprint to understand its trajectory, relevance, and how it aligns with their beat.

When a top-tier journalist sees consistent, insightful coverage from respected trade publications, it not only boosts a brand’s credibility, but also simplifies reporters’ research processes. They can glean the context they need from these articles, making it easier for them to understand and position the brand within their larger narrative.

Here’s a scenario: an online retail up-and-comer is launching a pop-up activation in Times Square. A year ago, it turned heads with its experiential marketing prowess in its first Los Angeles pop-up, covered exclusively by retail trade Chain Store Age. When pitched the Times Square pop-up, a retail reporter at a notable publication can refer to that first Los Angeles success, AND the trade coverage, to entice them to cover the NYC event.

Moreover, past positive trade coverage can also buffer against negative perceptions. If a brand faces a PR crisis, having a repository of balanced, insightful trade articles can offer a broader perspective, reminding the vast media community of the brand’s overall contributions and standing.

Get more information on how to build long-term relationships with trade media pros and how can you lean on trade media publications for their ever-evolving treasure trove of information in the full blog post: In The PR Trenches: Why Trade Publications Matter. 

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