Why Tech Companies Need to Focus on Vertical Marketing

Published on 31st July 2023

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Tech products can be marketed to a variety of audiences  – however, oftentimes you find larger companies using the same messaging to talk to many. Doing so limits the overall impact of the marketing campaign. By using vertical marketing, you have the opportunity to segment audiences by industry, persona, or other relevant characteristics. Want to learn more? Keep reading for tech marketing insights offered by our partners at Standing Partnership.

Craft compelling stories for each vertical

Complex and innovative products are integral to the technology sector. They may improve upon existing products, streamline business processes, or completely transform our ways of working. And in each of these cases, it is critical to show customers how your solutions can benefit them. This can be particularly challenging for tech companies. In the situation that your product is new, you have to explain the product’s function before you can make the case for its value. Other tech products may involve significant investments or sweeping organizational change.

Finding ways to communicate your value proposition is critical. It’s often not enough to simply explain what the product is, or what it does. You must also show that your product’s value outweighs the risks.

Vertical marketing shows your audience exactly how your company addresses their specific concerns. You can explain exactly how your product works in their context. By doing this, you can show how it can help solve the problems they face—or allow them to seize new opportunities.

With this approach, your busy prospective customer doesn’t have to guess at how your product could work for them. They won’t have to research the ways it could make their lives easier, boost their bottom line, or provide a competitive advantage. Instead, you’ve already connected the dots for them. And you’ve done it more persuasively by contextualizing your product for their needs.

Demonstrate your credibility and expertise in each industry

Vertical marketing for tech companies can help them communicate with greater precision and authority. In turn, this builds trust with customers in your target markets.

The different industries you are focusing on may use very different terminology. Language that comes across as smart and on-trend for one segment may seem like jargon to another. But vertical marketing allows you to tweak your content for each segment. As a result, you can speak each customer’s language.

You can also use a vertical marketing approach to show the depth of your industry knowledge. By developing content that looks at the latest industry trends and challenges, you can build trust and credibility. At the same time, showing your expertise can help you make a stronger case for choosing your product.

This can be particularly true for verticals with significant regulatory and compliance requirements. Data security, privacy, and complicated legal frameworks may be critical for these customers. To gain their confidence, you must show how you can help them stay—or become—compliant. To do this, your content should show your awareness of the standards that govern the industry.

Want to learn more about how vertical marketing can help tech companies fine-tune their investments? View the full blog post on Standing Partnerships website.  You can also get insights from other Worldcom Partner on Tech Marketing and Public Relations.

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