Social Media Strategy: Using Subtraction as a Solution

Published on 28th February 2023

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This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published by Off Madison Ave: Subtraction as a solution for your social media strategy.

The landscape of social media has drastically changed in the past decade. There are now so many social media platforms that exist, it’s hard to keep up!

As individuals, we know that being everywhere at once is impossible, and attempting it is exhausting. The same holds true for brands on social media. When there were but a few social networks, it was possible to have a solid social media presence on all major channels, but those days have long since passed. , The future of social media demands a more focused approach.

It’s easy to feel compelled to do everything on every network or to take a spin at the newest, hottest, trending channel. But your business doesn’t have unlimited resources, so you should use the few you have wisely.

If you want to truly connect with your audience, your brand needs to embrace addition by subtraction.

Accomplish more by doing less

The key to increasing your audience engagement is to focus on a few well-chosen social platforms.

Picking a few key social networks and putting your best efforts into them frees up your social media managers to foster meaningful engagement with your target audience. Beyond that, users get bored seeing the exact same messages on every platform. They’re more likely to follow your company if you post high-quality content on just a few networks instead.

If you want to learn more about which social media channels make the most sense for your brand, check out the full blog post: Subtraction as a solution for your social media strategy.

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