Use Social Media to Gain Traditional Media Coverage

Published on 9th January 2018

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We’ve seen the use of social media skyrocket over the last 10 years. It’s changed from a means of staying connected to old friends to the way many people are consuming news and staying up-to-date. As public relations professionals, we use social media to help support our owned media campaigns and increasing engagement between our clients and their audiences. Additionally, we can use it for networking with other public relations professional and more importantly, we can build relationships with journalists online.

In a recent blog post, our partners at JBP PR & Parliamentary Affairs outline the some ways public relations professionals can gain traditional media exposure through social media.


  • It’s important to know who your target journalists are and what social media platforms they are using. Once you know this, you can follow and connect with them on the various platforms and engage with them. Most are active on Twitter, but JBP says LinkedIn could be a good source to find journalists as well.
  • Start building a relationship with the journalists by commenting on their articles or sharing them and tagging their Twitter handle. Journalists love when people take an interest in their work.
  • Pay attention to what journalists are saying online. Many times they will tweet requests for content or experts for interviews and this is the perfect time for you to pitch your client.

Find out more tips to gaining traditional media coverage through social media on JBP’s blog.

JBP PR & Parliamentary Affairs is one of the leading strategic communications consultancies in the United Kingdom dedicated to providing a highly informed, targeted and outcome-driven communications strategy for all its clients. Their approach is a three-step process: discover, define, deliver. This model allows the consultancy to provide ‘business-class’ service to support its client’s goals.

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