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JBP Associates

JBP Headquarters 34 Smith Square Westminster, London, SW1P 3, United Kingdom

Insights and News From This Partner

30 Apr 2024

JBP Associates Organises Major UK Conference On The Economic Opportunity Arising From Decarbonisation

Worldcom UK partner, JBP Associates, is organising a major event on Friday…

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09 Oct 2023

Preparing for The Impact of Political or Legislative Changes in the UK

This insights post contribution was made by Grahame Woods, Account Manager at…

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06 Dec 2022

JBP Managing Director Appointed Global Chair of Marketing of Worldcom

Chris Lawrance, the Managing Director of national strategic communications consultancy JBP, has…

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12 Oct 2022

Worldcom Launches New Crisis Preparedness and Protection Service Called Salus

The Worldcom PR Group announced today the launch of a new crisis…

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11 Aug 2022

The Worldcom Public Relations Group Installs 2022-23 Global Board and Regional Committees

Over the past year, Worldcom has launched new initiatives and expanded the…

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13 Jan 2022

Steps to Making a Successful Trade Association

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published…

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06 Sep 2021

5 Ways to Optimize Your PR for Search Engines

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published by Billy…

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Turn Boredom into Creativity

24 Oct 2019

The Key to Creativity: Boredom?

In this digital age, it’s overwhelmingly difficult to be bored. The never-ending…

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prevent reputational damage from leadership

02 Oct 2018

How to Prevent Reputational Damage from Leadership

The personal reputation of an organization’s leader is just as important as…

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