Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome Hits the Streets

Published on 13th June 2017

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Many businesses recently are applying social media marketing to promote their services and knowledge. Social media campaigns are becoming a big way for these companies to connect with the audience they seek. Citizen Relations and Travelocity reached out to Worldcom partner, DEVENEY, to coordinate a public relations opportunity and social media strategy for their “Roaming Gnome” while he traveled around New Orleans.

During the annual Jazz & Heritage Festival, through the help of locals and a pre-developed itinerary, the Roaming Gnome was able to hit all the city’s hot spots and attractions. The time in New Orleans was covered on Twitter and Instagram with recommendations from followers about the city.

DEVENEY is a research-driven marketing firm that develops strategic action plans for engagement that are fresh, unique, on-message, and most importantly, effective at solving modern brands’ toughest challenges. They create intriguing, inspirational content that motivates the right people at the right time. DEVENEY focuses on branding, advertising, public relations, crisis and digital.

See the results of this Travelocity Roaming Gnome social media campaign and find out more about DEVENEY and Travelocity.

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