Top Travel Marketing Trends Influenced by Millennials

Published on 18th July 2019

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It’s true that millennials are quickly transforming consumer trends. From shopping behaviors to dining preferences, marketers know that the key to sustained success is understanding and anticipating what millennials want.

Travel marketing is one of the key industries undergoing a transformation. DEVENEY, a leader in travel and tourism marketing, identifies some of the top travel marketing trends including:

Wellness Travel

Wellness travel is popular amongst two particular millennial consumers. The first type seeks a destination that allows for a continued routine of fitness and health. These consumers appreciate having access to amenities like fully equipped fitness facilities, or natural outlets for exercise like hiking trails.

Other wellness travelers seek a destination that will improve their personal health. Relaxation is the name of the game for these travelers, who seek out a break from everyday life and an environment that will facilitate improved mental health.

Storytelling Destinations

Another growing travel industry trend is a focus on storytelling. In the age of social media, travelers want an experience that can be shared in their feeds and stories to bring their followers with them.

In fact, several recent studies show that one of the biggest influences on millennial travel booking is how “Instagrammable” the destination is.

The next generation of travelers seeks a fully immersive experience. And these travel experiences can’t simply be experiential, they need to be transformative. Travelers aim to return from their travels with a new outlook on life – and a story to back it up.

There’s more. Get the full roundup of travel marketing trends from DEVENEY with tips for success. You can also get more insights about Travel and Tourism marketing and public relations from our other partners.


DEVENEY is an internationally renowned engagement agency known for creating and implementing award-winning, strategic marketing solutions. Driven by results, DEVENEY uses research to create campaigns that open the dialogue between brands and their key stakeholders. The agency specializes in three practice areas – LifeCARE (health care, insurance), LifeSTYLE (travel + tourism, hospitality, destination, food + beverage, attractions, etc.) and CRISIS/Reputation Management – and delivers results through advertising, public relations and digital marketing.

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