Tips for Leveraging Pharmaceutical Influencers

Published on 3rd October 2019

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The pharma industry is crowded and without a strategic plan, brands risk getting lost amongst competitors. To truly make an impact and create a pharma or healthcare launch worth paying attention to, challengers need to be heard.

One of the best methods for pharmaceutical companies to break through is to partner with strong pharma influencers and advocates. Padilla explains:

“Healthcare influencers – respected clinicians, physicians, surgeons, medical organizations, etc.) are particularly impactful. These are trusted leaders in the industry, and empowering them to support your research and statements lends credibility and weight to your brand,” – Padilla

While valuable, pharma marketing influencers can be difficult to reach. Padilla outlines some creative strategies to engage with advocates and understand factors that influence consumer behavior in healthcare:

3 Ways to Effectively Connect with Pharma Influencers

  1. Video Content: A well-crafted video can convey compelling research and testimonials from clinical trials.
  2. Paid Social Campaigns: Social media advertising offers the ability to target key pharmaceutical influencer audiences. When you later reach out for an in-person meeting, those influencers will already recognize your brand.
  3. Industry Events: Speak on a panel, host a happy hour, or set up a product display at events where members of your audience are all gathered.

How to Leverage Pharma and Healthcare Influencer Connections

Connecting with influencers is only the first step. Once you’ve established a partnership, determine which tactics are most appropriate to fully leverage your influencer marketing efforts.

Social Media Campaigns

Leverage healthcare influencers on social media or create a content series relevant to your product or brand to promote on your social channels. The latest Worldcom Digital Health Monitor revealed many pharma companies are missing opportunities on social media channels. Because of this, your influencer collaborations have the potential to really stand out on social.

Co-author a Whitepaper

Producing content specific to your niche that combines your research and expertise with the influencers’ insights and clout provides added value to your audiences.


Share your original research with influencers for them to include in their own content, such as an industry blog. Healthcare influencers who regularly produce their own content are always interested in new, compelling data.


Read the full post from Padilla, to discover more strategies on partnering with pharmaceutical influencers. You can also get other insights on Healthcare Public Relations and Social Media Marketing.

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