Tip Sheet: What Facebook Jobs Has that LinkedIn Doesn’t

Published on 30th October 2019

In the Worldcom Confidence Index business leaders across the globe cited employee recruitment and retention as a top challenge to business success. Many employers turn to platforms like LinkedIn to connect with new talent but often overlook Facebook Jobs as a recruitment tool. In doing so, they miss out on the valuable benefits the platform has over LinkedIn job postings.

Worldcom Partners, Sturges Word Communications, explains that numbers alone make Facebook Jobs worth exploring. With two billion active users per month, the platform offers a significantly wider net of potential applicants to employees than LinkedIn.

Facebook can help employers reach audiences who are not active on LinkedIn, but still relevant to their company. The Facebook Jobs platform has become particularly popular amongst small businesses seeking part-time, hourly and skilled labor roles.

While LinkedIn jobs focuses on resumés and thought-leadership, Facebook appeals to a wider audience – including people who may not be actively seeking a new job but may be open to one. Plus, users are given the option to share jobs with friends that may be interested or qualified.

Download the quick-read Facebook Jobs Tip sheet to learn more.

About Sturges Word

Sturges Word is a full-service integrated marketing communications agency based in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. It was formed on April Fools Day 1994, when Melissa Sturges and Linda Word teamed up.

Over the years, we’ve counselled clients in nearly every business segment, and have special expertise in the development/real estate, education, financial/professional services, public involvement, retail/hospitality and utility sectors.

We help our clients get the results they desire through advertising, branding, community engagement, creative, crisis communications, event planning, public relations, social media strategy, web design and more.

Our work is award-winning. But more importantly, it does what matters to our clients – builds brands, moves product and manages reputations.

Sturges Word is certified as a WBE/DBE vendor by the city of Kansas City, Missouri.

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