Tip Sheet: How to Rethink Public Relations in a Consolidating Healthcare Industry

Published on 22nd January 2020

Healthcare organizations are pursuing partnerships and collaborations to strengthen market offerings. Increasing consolidation has PR professionals wondering: How will these strategic partnerships impact the way we talk about healthcare organizations?

Worldcom Partners, Raffetto Herman Strategic Communications, outline seven trends PR professionals should take account of to craft their stories and campaigns for the increasingly consolidating healthcare industry and stay in step with these changing healthcare trends.

Tip 1 – Healthcare reporters will broaden the topics they cover as payers become providers and lines become increasingly blurred.
Tip 2 – Publications will devote entire sections to covering these healthcare partnerships.

Download the quick-read Healthcare PR Tip sheet to learn more.

About Raffetto Herman

John Raffetto and David Herman founded Raffetto Herman Strategic Communications (RH Strategic) in 2007 with the belief that tying great work to business objectives drives results and transforms innovative companies into industry leaders.

They are driven by a relentless desire to get their clients the results they need to grow their businesses—results that change minds and spark action. Their clients see RH Strategic as their strategic counsellors, creative partners and communicators. They design public relations campaigns that prioritize strategy, creativity, and efficiency in order to achieve meaningful business objectives such as sparking customer demand, growing market share, and becoming the undisputed market leader.

Because of our unique professional backgrounds and expertise, we work mainly with technology, public sector, and healthcare companies. Our clients are shaking up industries, challenging incumbents, and disrupting the status-quo. Helping them do that inspires and informs everything we do.

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