The Power of Patient Storytelling

Published on 15th December 2021

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published by Rachel Bowen of Public Communications Inc. 

Ira Glass, host and producer of the series “This American Life,” once said: “Great stories happen to those who can tell them.” This a reality that the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) enjoys thanks to its extraordinarily engaged membership and the stories its members are telling about their growing profession. 

Using top-to-bottom support from its members, NSGC has become a constantly sought-after expert source for national media and has seen continued success in tackling its priority issues. Although, this was not always the case for the association. 

In 2010, NSGC turned to Public Communications Inc., to support its efforts in advancing the genetic counseling profession. At that time, the Society had low consumer awareness, no social media presence and great potential to position itself as a leading voice in the personalized healthcare conversation. 

When working with healthcare associations, the use of their members has continued to be one of PCI’s most powerful tools for successfully attracting and being prepared for media attention, and amplifying awareness and online presence.   

While all association clients are different, PCI breaks down common strategies that have proven fruitful time and time again.  

Fostering media-expert relationships  

PCI’s healthcare sector constantly monitors news outlets and social media to stay on top of the of the latest healthcare trends and news. This allows PCI to identify opportunities for its clients to add their unique perspectives. 

NSGC and its members have become key go-to sources for reporters when they’re in search of content about genetic counseling, genetics and related topics. PCI has helped establish this status through years of building media relationships by coordinating inbound requests, frequently pitching story ideas and maintaining daily contact with key journalists and influencers.  

NSGC is always well-equipped to handle media opportunities due to its reputable Expert Media Panel, a group of genetic counselors who each play a special role with their unique expertise in the field. PCI has worked with NSGC to enlist these members and continuously prepare them to be effective voices for the Society through media training sessions so they can convey the organization’s most important messages during any given interview. We’re proud to hear from media contacts how impressed they are with NSGC’s experts and that they’re eager to work with them again.  

Understand the remaining key strategies; social media authenticity and owned media storytelling, by reading the full article “The Power of Patient Storytelling”.  You can also get other insights on PR strategies for Health Care from our partners.



Public Communications Inc. is a national communications and marketing agency with purpose — to make a positive difference for their clients and community. They offer strategic support and counsel to their clients, bringing an outside perspective that allows them to ask the tough question and become a partner that identifies the right opportunities. 

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