The Do’s and Don’ts of a Future-Proof Social Media Strategy

Published on 28th January 2020

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Are you keeping up with the latest on social? Chances are, despite your best efforts, your strategy will likely be outdated sooner than you think.

Social media has undergone countless transformations since its inception and, just as quickly as social media trends change, organizations’ social strategies fall behind the times and become ineffective.

Corporate Ink outlines the do’s and don’ts of social media that will help your strategy weather the storm of social media transformation.

Do Focus on Experience

Customers have come to expect personalized, meaningful content from brands on all channels, especially social media. With more engaging, interactive content available than ever before, brands must find innovative ways to differentiate themselves and offer value. One of the most effective methods is to simply humanize your brand and create content that builds genuine connections with audiences. Also, be sure to tailor your content to each platform.

Don’t Leave You Strategy to Chance

Yes, testing your social media content to discover what resonates with audiences is important. But over the years, marketers have built an expansive base of data with insights that can take the guesswork out of building a solid strategy. Stay up with the latest data and insights and integrate them into your brand’s unique voice and identity.

Do Be Authentic

Jumping on the latest ‘viral’ trend isn’t going to help your brand stand out. Stay true to your brand’s voice and use social media as a platform to demonstrate the brand’s unique value or perspective. The audiences and engagement will be much more valuable than those you gain from chasing after fleeting trends.

Don’t Only Self-Promote

It can be tempting to use social media as arm of your advertising and promotional efforts. Instead of promoting your product or service, use social media to share the positive impact they have. User-generated content is a great way to share real customer examples and testimonials. Not only does this highlight customer satisfaction, it also encourages audiences to interact with the brand.

Get more insights from Corporate Ink on building a future-proof social media strategy. Interested in Social Media? Find other insights on Social Media strategy from our Worldcom Partners.

Corporate Ink is an integrated B2B, PR and content marketing agency located in Boston. Their team of professionals works with clients to build brands, generate demand and we accelerate growth. With clients in industries including supply chain management, industrial and manufacturing, healthcare, marketing and travel technology, Corporate Ink has over 30 years of trusted expertise.

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