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Published on 9th October 2019

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There’s a reason content marketing has been adopted by brands and organizations across the globe: It’s a solid strategy that, when done well, creates impressive results.

The aim of developing a content marketing strategy is to provide useful resources and insights to target audiences so that they’ll look to your brand for guidance, and hopefully when it comes time to make a purchase decision.

However, content marketing has been adopted by so many organizations that it has become increasingly difficult to harness its full potential. Even worse, many miss the mark in their efforts to implement it correctly.

Off Madison Ave offers guidance to help you craft a content marketing strategy by leveraging a content hub that will help you achieve your business objectives more effectively and use fewer resources.

Start with Your Existing Content

Many marketers pursuing content marketing assume that they’re starting from ground zero. In reality, you likely have valuable existing content that simply needs to be repurposed or optimized. Consider creating a content hub for easy access to all content.

Review performance metrics on previous content in Google Analytics to see what content works the best and use those insights to develop your strategy. Create more content around topics that people are most interested in, and use your top content pieces to drive traffic.

Identify the Right Distribution Channels

What channel you use depends on your audience and your objectives. If you have created a content hub, you will have easy access to available content, and then determine what distribution channels make sense.

When selecting which channels to use, your decision will vary depending on the type of content:

  • Travel & inspiration: Instagram and Instagram stories
  • Informative, educational content: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and blogs
  • Technical content, case studies and reports/studies: Website, gated landing pages and email newsletters
  • Industry best practices or professional development: LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs

Next, you’ll need to develop the right messaging to appeal to your audiences. Get tips for creating the right messaging for your content marketing strategy, along with insights on measurement and optimization in the blog from Off Madison Ave.

Looking for additional insights about content? Learn more about the impact of content on SEO strategy and why content matters for SEO.

Founded in 1998, Off Madison Ave is a full-service marketing communications firm located in Phoenix, Arizona. Off Madison Ave’s philosophy “Outthink. Outperform.” is powered by behavior design, an approach used by some of the most successful companies in the world to strategically and thoughtfully influence human behavior. The firm specializes in interactive marketing, new media, public relations, branding, media planning, advertising, and market research and strategies.

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