Why Your SEO Strategy Needs to Include Content

Published on 26th September 2019

Everyone knows that strong SEO improves site visibility and helps connect you with relevant audiences. But what many people fail to realize is that SEO has dramatically evolved over the past several years, rending older SEO best practices virtually useless.

Now, your SEO strategy should be just as much about content as it is about keywords, website optimizations and backlinking – if not even more.

True Digital Communications explains the role of content in building strong SEO for your website and tips to jumpstart your efforts.

Why Content Matters for SEO

Google’s top priority is to deliver the right answers and content to searchers. If your website has high-quality content that speaks to the search intentions of your audiences, you’re more likely to rank higher on Google search result pages.

To assess your site’s content, Google uses an algorithm based on three key criteria:

  1. Expertise: Is the source reputable? How much content do they offer on this subject?
  2. Authority: Is the site a known and trusted expert on the subject? Do other relevant sites link back to this source? Are people sharing the content on social and other channels?
  3. Trustworthiness: Is the website secure? Is data being used ethically responsibly? Are the privacy policy and opt-in process transparent?

How to Improve Your SEO with Content

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to your site’s SEO. Developing the right content and producing it regularly takes time and resources. And, it takes time to see the impact of your content marketing efforts on your site’s SEO.

Starting with a content audit can help you understand how your site is currently performing and then develop a roadmap for improvements. Content audits should asses:

  • Current keyword rankings and potential areas for improvement
  • Site traffic and pages that earn the most engagement
  • Conversion paths and conversion points on the website
  • Key content themes and content gaps
  • Opportunities for improved user-experience

Once the audit is complete, you’ll have a better idea of how well current content matches what people search for. Then, you can move forward with a well-informed content strategy designed around your SEO goals.

Get more in-depth tips for using content marketing to improve your site’s SEO in True Digital’s full blog post. You can find more insights on Technology and Trends in our blog.

True Digital Communications is a digital marketing firm founded in 2011 with a team of senior marketing professionals. Located in Bedford Heights, Ohio, outside of Cleveland, True focuses on data-driven strategies to produce results, effectively connecting your world online and off. True starts with business goals and uses tools like social media, online advertising, website experience and optimization to effectively reach and engage audiences and produce measurable results.

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