Social Media Crises – What You Need to Prepare

Published on 23rd May 2017

Social media crises can happen anytime, anywhere so it is critically important to be prepared for the moment one pops up. Crisis can cause serious damage to a brand, but with good management and a strong plan, these crises can clear up quickly and professionally. Worldcom partner, Public Communications Inc., discusses ways your social media or PR team can prepare for one of these moments and protect your brand.  

Now, there are a wide array of tools that allow teams to communicate, collaborate, organize and execute digital strategies faster and more efficiently. Smartphones and tablets have become a main way of communication and social media is a huge part of our daily lives. Information and news  – good or bad – can easily be shared over and over again. This is why it is crucial to monitor constantly.

Public Communications Inc. created a checklist to help you create an effective response to any crisis. The following are a few tips from the check list including:

  1. Before any crisis emerges, encourages social media managers to follow everything. Be sure you are following relevant audiences and competition. Make sure you are listening and making the best use to your monitoring software.
  2. Take control. Make sure you are the one telling the story or someone else will.
  3. Identify doers and deciders. Speed is the king, do not take too long before responding to a crisis.
  4. Don’t let the fast be the enemy of the truth. Work fast and tell the truth. 

Read the full article to get more tips on social media crisis management.

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