Pitching to Healthcare Reporters? Stand Out with These 5 Tips

Published on 1st September 2019

Healthcare reporters don’t always believe PR folks when we say we have a great story to share. It takes a pitch that is as well-crafted as the story itself to really capture the healthcare media’s attention.

Public Communications Inc. (PCI) Senior Vice President Mary Erangey led a panel at MATTER, a PCI partner and a Chicago-based health tech incubator and collaboration hub, where four leading healthcare journalists from Built in Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Modern Healthcare and Crain’s Chicago Business offered tips on how to convince health reporters that your story is one they’ll want to share with their audiences.

 5 Takeaways for Pitching to Healthcare Reporters

1) Rapport and relationships are key

Look beyond simply wanting to get your story placed – work towards the long-term goal of becoming a valued media source. Reporters are more likely to consider a story pitched by a source they know and trust. And a genuine relationship means you’re willing to help out a reporter with information even when there’s no direct benefit to your organization.

2) Demonstrate an outcome with your story

Tell your story in a way that helps the reporter, and their audience, understand why they should care. How does the story end? What impact did it have? Does your story demonstrate how your organization or product makes things better for the industry, doctors, or patients?

3) Be persistent, not pesky

Healthcare Reporters are just like everyone else: Buried in a pile of emails and list of to-dos. Pitches can easily get lost, so consistent follow-up is a crucial element for coverage. However, persistency can easily turn to peskiness if you don’t have a solid relationship with the reporter. Follow your best judgment and always remember to continue building those relationships.

4) Be mindful of their time

Reporters don’t have time to read a long pitch or try to figure out what you’re getting at. Be clear, concise and direct, and put the good stuff in the subject line and the first sentence of your email.

5) Do your research

Is your pitch going to the right journalist, at the right company, within the right industry? Know who you’re reaching out to and be sure the information is relevant. Otherwise, you risk losing credibility.

Get more insights on pitching your healthcare story from another MATTER workshop recap on brand communications.  You can also get additional Worldcom Partner Insights on Healthcare PR section on the blog.

Public Communications Inc. is a national communications and marketing agency with purpose — to make a positive difference for their clients and community. They offer strategic support and counsel to their clients, bringing an outside perspective that allows them to ask the tough questions and become a partner that identifies the right opportunities.

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