Mastering Shoulder Season

Published on 20th September 2017

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Every travel destination has a period of time during the year that is slower than other times.  This time of the year is called “shoulder season.” Shoulder season differs depending on the time and location of the destination. For example, Miami’s shoulder season is October while New Orlean’s is August

DEVENEY has four marketing tips to increase tourism during shoulder season. Among these tips is to discount and localize including:

  • Encourage tourists and locals alike to come to certain restaurants and attractions with the use of discounts,
  • promote staycations for the locals in order to build a customer base that will last all year.

To find out what the next two tips are, read DEVENEY’s Surviving and Thriving During Shoulder Season.

DEVENEY is a research-driven marketing firm that develops strategic action plans for engagement that are fresh, unique, on-message, and most importantly, effective at solving modern brands’ toughest challenges. For more, visit DEVENEY for tips on how to increase tourism and put heads in your hotel beds during shoulder season.  

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