Make Your Paid Social Advertising Work

Published on 22nd March 2019

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Ask anyone who manages a social profile: Social media is a pay-to-play space.

With constantly changing algorithms, reaching audiences organically with your social content is becoming harder and harder. Paid social advertising is now the most effective way to reach audiences on social – but what if you’re reaching the wrong people?

According to Corporate Ink, the key to successful paid social advertising is selecting the platform that’s right for your goals. To answer this question, consider these two points:

1) Who is my audience?

Do your research, understand your customers and identify which platform they are most active. Demographics of your target audience can help guide you to the right platform.

For example, business professionals are most active on LinkedIn, making it ideal for B2B campaigns. This platform also offers more advanced targeting based on professional titles, years of experience and more. When you’re using the right platform, you’ll be able to target audiences based on the most relevant demographics.

2)  What is my campaign goal?

Social advertising isn’t one-size-fits-all, so it’s imperative that you pick a platform that supports your campaign’s goal. Having a clear goal in mind makes the selection process easier and your ads more effective.

Each platform has unique ad types that help accomplish different goals. For instance, Facebook’s ads attract eyeballs, but don’t necessarily encourage downloads, making it ideal for generating awareness, but unhelpful in driving downloads of white papers. Want more guidance to make sure your next social advertising campaign is a success? Check out the full blog from Corporate Ink for more insights.

Corporate Ink is an integrated B2B, PR and content marketing agency located in Boston. Their team of professionals work with clients to build brands, generate demand and we accelerate growth. With clients in industries including supply chain management, industrial and manufacturing, healthcare, marketing and travel technology, Corporate Ink has over 25 years of trusted expertise.

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