Level Up Your Instagram Strategy With These 5 Tips

Published on 3rd December 2020

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This insight post is a summary of the original blog post authored by Jessica Urgiles of Off Madison Ave’s 5 Ideas To Level Up Your Instagram Strategy.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the world. By using behavior design methods, it easily understands the audience’s motivation, creates easy actions and constantly prompts them to influence behavior.

Partners at Off Madison Ave. are experts in behavior design and recommend social media marketers use the following tactics to boost their Instagram strategy. 

Community Building 

Social media is about community. From travel inspiration to makeup tutorials, Instagram has a hashtag for every activity. Behind each hashtag is an entire community for your brand to reach. 

Once you discover these communities, you need to make sure they’re strong and meaningful. There are many niches on Instagram, it’s important to devote time to interacting with the people in yours. This will help you boost engagement and build a solid foundation on the platform.       

Creative Storytelling 

Instagram stories are great for, you guessed it, storytelling. Stories offer the opportunity to be creative, – ensure you have a clear beginning, middle and end by storyboarding before posting.

If you have a long-form video of high quality, utilize IGTV. Introduced last year, this integration primed episodic content to thrive and added another layer to storytelling on Instagram. With this, you can tell serialized stories and categorize them by seasons, themes, etc. 

Social Shopping 

Instagram shopping is a powerful selling tool with 70 percent of shopping enthusiasts turning to the platform to discover products. If you’re a U.S. business, Instagram Checkout offers customers a seamless experience by letting them buy from you without ever leaving the app. 

To learn more about how you can increase your influence and use Instagram Reels, the newest feature for more exposure, read the full blog post 5 Ideas To Level Up Your Instagram Strategy.

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