Is Your Communications Strategy Prepared for Mass Onboarding?

Published on 19th July 2021

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This insight post is a summary of the original blog post authored by Jason Chennette of CASACOM. View the original post: “Is Your Communications Strategy in Place for a Mass On-boarding?”

Returning to the office is on the horizon. Do you have a communications strategy in place for the mass on-boarding?  

Adjusting to a post-pandemic workplace will be a shift for many employees and business owners. While some have thrived while working from home, there are others who have found it less than ideal.  

A recent Morneau Shepell survey found that 40 percent of managers in finance and professional services have considered leaving their job since the start of the pandemic, citing the loss of social connections and newly developed blurred lines between home and work life. Many white-collar workers are experiencing anxiety, loneliness, and burn-out, making them more than eager to return to a normal work environment. 

A PwC survey found that one in five CFOs believe their company could return to normal within a month if the crisis ended today. 

How can a message of self-care be reflected in the physical workplace? The social norm of office spaces pre-pandemic consisted of open concept and shared desks. Now, employers must consider an abundance of factors when transitioning back to the office. Employee safety, cleaning protocols, scheduled arrivals, elevator capacity, sick leave, travel restrictions and requirements and boardroom meeting capacities to name a few.  

Critical elements needed for a successful transition back to the workplace include setting an action plan, making safety a priority, and opening the lines of communications. To get more in-depth knowledge on accomplishing these elements, check out the full blog post Is Your Communications Strategy in Place for a Mass On-boarding?” 

You can also read about Upskilling and Reskilling as a priority indentified in the Worldcom Confidence Index (WCI).

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