Is Your Communications Strategy Meeting Changing Needs?

Published on 8th March 2022

Is your communications strategy meeting changing needs?

We all know the last two years has been a period of unprecedented change. While in some countries the pandemic may be entering a quieter period, many of the underlying economic and societal changes mean that communications should be constantly reviewed and assessed. That’s why Worldcom created its communications self-assessment tool.

According to the Worldcom Confidence Index (WCI), Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) was the most talked about topic in December 2021[i]. Retaining talent had the second-highest level of leader attention in Worldcom’s Engagement Monitor, but saw the second-largest decline in leader confidence since November[ii] – down 1.33% – showing a continuing decline since September. These two topics alone point to the need to have an updated strategy for DEI, employee engagement and employer branding.

The Worldcom Confidence Index provides a monthly update on which business topics are getting the most attention from over 100,000 CEOs and CMOs around the world. It also identifies the changes in confidence from the previous month for each topic. These insights are an invaluable resource for communications professionals and business leaders that want to ensure that their communications meet changing needs.

Is it time to become purpose-driven?

The WCI results also suggest that it’s the right time to run a proactive internal communications campaign that focuses on bringing the Purpose for the organization to life for every employee.

Leaders’ focus on DEI and retaining talent highlights the need for leaders to have a completely transparent policy on how they treat their people – and be certain that the behavior of all leaders and managers supports it. The fact that leader confidence in retaining talent had the second-largest decline since Novembers shows that concerns about the Great Resignation are very much alive. This is reinforced by the fact that retaining talent had three times the level of engagement as attracting talent. So, it might also be the right time to reassess the need for updated leadership communications training – not just at the highest level but also for line managers.

Analysis by Engagement Multiplier shows that shared purpose is a significant driver of loyalty and business performance. For example, businesses where employees scored purpose over 75 out of 100, experience retention 4x higher than businesses where the score is less than 50. So, it’s worth checking if your organisation brings the Purpose for the organization to life for every employee.

Is it time to review global communications strategies?

The latest results also showed that leaders are beginning to take a more international perspective as they prepare for a return to some levels of normality. So, it’s worth reviewing your business strategy to gauge your internal or global communication performance so that you can be sure that your brand can is represented at its best throughout its business footprint.

Are you ready to evaluate your communication performance? Use our communications self-assessment tool to sense check where you approach is right on track and where you may need to change direction.



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