Instagram TV is Here: 5 Details You Need to Know

Published on 30th July 2018

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Instagram just announced the launch of Instagram TV (IGTV), leaving many questions about how the new capability compares to other platform ‘TV’ features. The Pollack PR Marketing Group breaks down the five key things you need to know about the new Instagram TV:

Time Constraints

Time constraints will vary based on users’ follower count. Users with a large following can post hour-long videos, while accounts with smaller audiences will be limited to 10 minutes. The app will eventually allow everyone to post content up to an hour in length. Even the ten-minute time constraint is an improvement from previously Instagram constraints, which offers an opportunity to produce more creative content.

Go Vertical

The standard for video orientation is turning – literally. IGTV aims to optimize for mobile by only accepting videos that are in vertical (9:16) orientation. While this is good for improving user experience, brands may not be able to reuse existing video content.

Is it an App or Feature?

Users can currently access Instagram TV through a button at the upper right corner of the normal Instagram feed. However, Instagram will roll out a stand-alone IGTV app in the coming weeks. The app will provide the same service as the button but allow for direct access to content.

See the Instagram TV blog post from Pollack PR for more in-depth details about the IGTV rollout and additional insights about the feature, including ad capabilities.


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