Improving SEO to Boost Your Brand’s Reach

Published on 25th November 2022

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Ranking on the first page of Google – everyone wants to. However, there are key SEO practices you should consider for this to be in the realm of possibility. Since SEO is always evolving, it can feel a little intimidating to tackle, while balancing all the other aspects of a marketing strategy. The good news is that getting started with SEO doesn’t have to be challenging.

What is SEO and Why Is It Important for Your Brand?

SEO is the process of increasing the organic online search visibility of your brand. When more people see your website in the search results, it drives more traffic to the website, which often correlates with sales. To break down SEO even further, let’s put ourselves in the customer’s shoes for a moment.

When you search something on Google, there are only ten spots on the first page of the search results. Think about the last couple times you’ve used Google – did you click to the second page of the search results? It’s very often that you don’t because Google is designed to give users the most relevant results based on what they’re searching.

This is why SEO is so important for your business. It not only gives you the opportunity to answer questions that your target audience has, but you can also show up as a potential solution for their search.

How to Get Your Brand Started with SEO

A great first step with SEO is to explore the types of searches your target audience is doing. This is the beginning of “keyword research” – identifying the phrases that people use to find the product or service your brand offers. For example, if you’re a building products brand that specializes in home exteriors, dealers, homeowners and pros who could be interested in your products might search terms like “durable home siding” or “best clay roofing options”. .

To improve your brand’s reach, you could create content that includes that keyword example. In turn, this would increase the possibility of dealers seeing your brand when they’re searching for answers. It’s important to note that keywords need to be strategically placed into content that makes it sound natural, while still providing the core term that search engines are ranking in the algorithm.

Check out other key tactics you should utilize to boost your brands SEO value in the full-length blog post: Improving SEO to Boost Your Brand’s Reach.

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