How to Ignite Interest in New and Returning Guests

Published on 31st January 2023

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It’s no surprise that the pandemic completely rocked the travel and tourism industry, but instead of giving up – many brands had to completely adjust their business and communications plans to stay competitive. While things are opening back up, some of these shifts are still here to stay – and in an industry like travel and tourism, the competition is fierce.

Those in the leisure-industry must continue to match their marketing efforts to new consumer behaviors and apply creativity to inspire guests to return in person. For example, the industry got creative when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and indoor cultural attractions couldn’t have in-person visitors. Attractions that thrived shifted their approach to meet their audience in virtual spaces not only kept their fans and followers engaged, they also drove new interest and excitement in their destinations.

Consumers can and have visited their favorite spots again. Now the challenge for attractions is not just getting people in the door, but rather becoming a repeat destination. Leisure-industry organizations must apply that same pandemic creativity to inspire guests to return in person. A challenge, yes. But not an insurmountable one.

Tips For Meeting Consumers Where They Are:

  • Go behind the scenes – show guests what happens and share unexpected details.
  • Maximize user-generated content – this reveals unconventional ways for people to experience attractions.
  • Dive into niche and nerd out on your passions – People love seeing the staff and what they do, don’t shy away from being creative and weird.
  • Focus on a few well-chosen platforms – post high-quality content on one or maybe two platforms instead of trying to be everywhere.

Don’t risk letting your attraction be forgotten – before long, some cultural institutions are seen as a once-a-year activity and, in turn, turn into an overlooked destination. The solution is not reinvention but continual community connection. Make sure to curate exhibits and guest experiences that speak to your community that engages them.

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