Reasons to Choose HubSpot Marketing Automation

Published on 31st May 2023

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published by Medita. View the full length blog post here: At least 4 good reasons to choose HubSpot marketing automation.

There are plenty of marketing automation softwares to choose from – but HubSpot continues to be a tried and true industry preferred solution. If you’re considering investing in HubSpot, our partners at Medita have a few reasons you should consider:

Reason #1: HubSpot will help you increase your sales

HubSpot helps you to grow. By using HubSpot’s tools effectively, organizations acquire more and better leads, which will undoubtedly lead to increased sales over time.

Having said that, it should be noted that sales growth does not always happen overnight. Patience with expectations is required. A week after the launch of HubSpot, you should not expect sales to double. Not even a month from now. It will take time for your organisation to find the right way to use HubSpot and its many opportunities. It also takes time to create the right buyer paths for each buyer persona (i.e. the ideal buyer candidate).

One week after the launch of HubSpot, you shouldn’t expect double sales to double. Not even in a month. It takes time for your organization to find the right way for you to take advantage of HubSpot and its many opportunities. It also takes time to create the right kind of buyer paths for each buyer person (i.e., the ideal buyer candidate) and scatter the right kind of content along the paths. Because HubSpot can be used to measure and monitor countless things, it’s important to set the right metrics to monitor the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts in real time right from the start.

And you should always remember that HubSpot is not a shortcut to happiness. If a business idea or way of doing things is bad, HubSpot will not save you.

Reason # 2: HubSpot combines marketing, sales, and customer service into a seamless entity

HubSpot combines marketing, sales and customer service under one roof. For this process, HubSpot has created a so-called Flywheel principle (put picture below). The flywheel, or freely translated flywheel, is at least a concept familiar to those interested in technology, in which the energy of the bike changes in relation to the speed of rotation of the bike. Greasing or oiling the flywheel reduces friction, which causes the wheel to spin faster and increase energy.

In the world of marketing automation, instead of Mobil 1 Rally Formula, good customer service and their recommendations are a liquid that improves business and reduces friction. The more your customers recommend your products and services to others, the harder your organization’s flywheel spins and the more you get new leads to take care of marketing.

In the final two points, Media discusses the inbound marketing capabilities and various tools HubSpot boasts. Check them out in more detail here! 

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