How to Have the Perfect Office Party

Published on 25th October 2017

Office parties have been ingrained into work culture for as long as office jobs have been around. While the occasional sheet cake to celebrate your coworker’s birthday may be exciting for some offices, other offices are setting a new standard for office parties.

Before planning an office event, there are three things you need to ask yourself. The first is, who is your audience? Is your office focused mostly on getting work done? Then you probably don’t want to plan a fancy evening affair. Is your office outgoing and filled with folks that are a little extra? Then plan something elaborate. Maybe an office boat cruise like our partners at Public Communications Inc. did. Curious as to how they pulled off the perfect party? Check out more party planning tips from Public Communications, Inc.

Public Communications Inc. is a national communications and marketing agency with purpose — to make a positive difference for their clients and community. They offer strategic support and counsel to their clients, bringing an outside perspective that allows them to ask the tough questions and become a partner that identifies the right opportunities.

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