Five Enterprise Technology Trends PR Pros Need to Know

Published on 21st October 2020

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post authored by Sarah Bergen of RH Strategic. View Five Enterprise Technology Trends PR Pros Need to Know.

Enterprise technology advancements are enabling greater operational efficiencies, the creation of new business models and reshaping how we live and work. Communicators need to understand these changes, and how our clients can insert themselves into the conversation. 

Sarah Bergen, a high tech PR expert from RH Strategic, outlines five of the biggest enterprise technology trends PR pros need to know and what they mean for the future:


The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) allows businesses to process, analyze and extract actionable intelligence from the tremendous amounts of data generated across enterprises daily. This translates to faster, better decision-making. 

In the financial services industry, for example, AI-powered anti-fraud solutions parse through user, device and transactional data across multiple platforms and channels to identify and stop fraud in real-time. In cybersecurity, AI is being used to automate threat-hunting by examining network data for patterns and anomalies that could indicate a breach. 

Migration to the Cloud

In recent years, organizations have been migrating more of their core processes and functions to public cloud platforms. Research shows that as much as 80% of organizations today have multi-cloud environments, mixing public and private clouds to run a mix of applications and services. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated this trend, with many companies deploying cloud-based collaboration technologies to support remote workers. 

Cloud migrations allow businesses to optimize costs and position themselves to be nimbler and more scalable in an increasingly competitive and dynamic business landscape. However, it can also create increased cybersecurity risks, so it’s important that businesses follow cybersecurity best practices and testing.

Explore the remaining three enterprise technology trends that PR professionals should be aware of in the blog post “Five Enterprise Technology Trends Transforming Business.” Get more insights from Worldcom Partners on Technology and PR Trends.

RH Strategic is a Seattle and D.C.-based communications firm with a nationwide presence and additional global reach via membership in the Worldcom Public Relations Group. They provide strategic public relations for innovators in the technology, public sector and healthcare markets.

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