Does Having a Business TikTok Make Sense for Your Audiences?

Published on 27th January 2022

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published by Jenna Salamon at True Digital Communications. View the original post: Does Having a Business TikTok Make Sense for Your Audiences?. 

Despite being known for viral dances, TikTok has quickly become a place for education, demonstration, inspiration, and idea-sharing. Since its inception in 2016, TikTok has become the sixth largest social network and has been downloaded more than 1.65 billion times, surpassed Google in website visits last year, and beat YouTube in video views. As a result, more and more businesses are debating if this is the right platform to connect consumers with their brands with content that may seem a bit untraditional. Thinking about making a TikTok for your business? Our partners at True Digital Communications offer insight into factors you should consider. 

Search for your topic 

Before jumping headfirst into rolling out a strategy and creating a TikTok channel for your business, there are some points to research first.  In the “Discover” tab of the app, search for topics that are relevant to your business and see how many results come up. If it’s popular, you’ll want to look at what type of comments and engagement pop up. 

If you don’t see many people talking about your specific topic or business, think about why that is? It could be the perfect opportunity for you to position your company as a leader or influencer in your field.   

Look at Trends 

Even though TikTok users love original content, you don’t have to think of the next big trend to go viral. Some of the most engaging TikTok videos replicate or put a twist on a current trend. You could recreate a trend and incorporate your business messaging into the video. You never know, your account and video could go viral! As a contractor or builder, you can show off your skills and have a trendy song in the background or replicate it to your audience. 

Think Paid Ads 

According to Hubspot, TikTok ads are powered by their own advertising platform. Despite it being a relatively new addition, you shouldn’t rule this out for your paid ad strategy. TikTok could be another way for you and your business to run in-feed ads, create branded hashtags and video effects. After all, finding new ways to get in front of your target audience can make a substantial difference. 

Get more information on starting a TikTok for business account in the full blog post Does Having a Business TikTok Make Sense for Your Audiences?   You can also get insights on Social Media strategy and planning with other partner posts.

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